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1) What are the benefits of Wood flooring?

Wood Flooring offers an elegant and timeless look that never goes out of style with a variety of appearances. It can also increase your property value, a great long-term investment.

2) What is the difference between solid and engineered floors?

A solid board is a single layer of timber compared to engineered flooring which is made with several

3) Why are engineered boards made up of layers?

Engineered boards are comprised of plywood layers each being glued at 90 degrees to meet adjoining
layers. The surface layer is hardwood creating a seamless sturdy foundation.

4) Can wood flooring be installed over ceramic tiles, vinyl, or wood floors?

Absolutely! Our team of experts use engineered hardwood and laminate flooring allowing the job to be
done anywhere.

5) How do I choose a Hardwood floor species, color and board size that is right for me?

To ensure you recieve the best experience our team will discuss your needs and consult with you to reach the outcome you desire.

6) What are "Natural characteristics"?

Natural characteristics in wood includes color difference due to pinholes, small knots and other mineral streaks with the grain of the wood. If you'd like to see this in your flooring, we have extensive options for you to ensure you get the look you want.

7) Should I expect color variations in my Hardwood flooring?

No two boards of wood are exactly the same each board will stain differently some are lighter/darker
than others. The lighter the wood the more prominent the characteristics appear. Light stains show more
variation, the darker stains tend to mask the natural variations in the wood. The higher the quality of
wood the less discoloration and characteristics can be seen.

8) How can I maintain my wood floors?

Vacuuming with a soft bristle brush one time a week works well, or you could try our high quality cleaning solution.

9) Can I wet-mop my Hardwood flooring?

Wetting your wood floors could cause swelling and damage your floors. We offer a cleaning product
that will not only make your floors shine but, it wont damage those nice floors.

10) What can be done if the finish becomes dull?

Our experts can sand the hardwood floor to smoothen it and apply a fresh finish to ensure a "New floor" shine.

11) Have any further questions?

Feel free to use our “Contact Us” section to reach out and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.